Mortgage Process

1 – Consultation With Mortgage Professional

Your loan originator will review your credit, income, assets and provide you with mortgage product options and pricing.

2 – Provide Documents Requested By Loan Originator

You will provide authorization for credit release, income documentation and statements disclosing your assets.

3 – Complete And Sign Loan Application

Your loan originator can assist you with completing the details of your application and send you the completed copy for you to sign along with a complete loan disclosure package required by law.

4 – Obtain Mortgage Approval!

Your loan will be submitted to the lender for registration and underwriting review which should lead to a loan approval!

5 – Fulfill Conditions Requested By Underwriter On Loan Commitment

At this point you should be in possession of a loan approval with a list of conditions to be met prior to receiving final approval. Your loan originator will work in tandem with your attorney and title company to meet these conditions.

6 – Sign Closing Disclosure

A disclosure will be provided a minimum of three business days prior to closing as required by federal law. This will outline your final closing costs and cash needed to close.

7 – Obtain Final Approval

All pre-closing conditions have been provided and underwriter will review and issue final approval! A closing date can now be set!

8 – Closing And Funding!!!

You will attend the closing and the funds will be disbursed to appropriate parties by closing settlement agent – CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING THE LOAN PROCESS!!!

Your Step-by-Step Mortgage Guide